If you would like to contribute and submit a vanity item that isn't already in the database please take note of the following...

For all categories you just need 1 screenshot, the screen shot must be of the item selected so that we can see in the screenshot the vanity icon, name and how it looks on your agent if it's a clothing item as below example:

Email the screenshot to and if you would like to be credited please include your gamertag, reddit username etc.

It's important to have your pistol equipped before taking the screenshot!

When taking screenshots of hats please remove any neckwear and/or glasses. You will also notice your agent moves his head in 3 positions, he will look at you, then slightly to the left, then all the way to the left. You need to screen shot when your agent is looking slightly to the left just like in the above image or you can check the hats section here to get the idea!

When taking screenshots of shirts please remove any neckwear and you will need to equip the Sokolov Concern chestpiece, this chestpiece reveals the shirt item more than any other vest!

When taking screenshots of masks please make sure your agent is looking straight at you and remove any neckwear, glasses or hats!

It can be a little messing around to stick to the above notes but hopefully you can understand that this keeps everything uniform and consistant throughout the whole database.

How to screenshot?

On XBOX ONE you press the home button followed by the Y button. You can then go to and your screenshot will appear there under your gamertag around 30 minutes later (often less), then you can just send us the link of the screenshot and we can download it.

On PC, you simply print screen and email us the image.

On PS4 Press the Share button on your PS4 controller for at least one second then select screenshot.