The Division Database all started back in early 2016 in The Division open beta, it was realized back then that you can loot apparel and customise your agents appearance. Ever since the database has been ever growing and populating with items that changes your agents appearance. From a pom pom beanie to a weapon skin and everything in between! The original database still houses over 1000 items which can still be found in the database but as of March 2019 it will no longer populate due to the release of The Division 2.

Speaking of The Division 2, it is quite clear that apparel will play an even greater role. You can loot apparel by looting from suitcases, backpacks and cupboards/drawers found throughout Washington DC. From findings these will be of worn quality. Most others will be found in caches bought from the apparel shop or buying directly from there.

The apparel shop will cost you but it is a monetization much welcomed over a pay to win alternative. For the cost of a coffee on the high street you could get your agent that shirt you've been looking at, it's not that bad and that is all we will say on that!

Now onto the database for The Division 2, you will notice a small quarter circle in the top left of items that have a quality. These qualities are as below, mostly though worn will be found looting in the open world, while every other quality will be either sought through apparel caches or behind the paywall in the apparel shop.